We create brand & customer experiences for retail, food and services, bringing the big ideas fully into the real world.

Our story

How difficult can it actually be?
And how much time is it possible to spend?

It was this frustration that drove the founders, Øyvind Nystad and Dag Landewall, to start Reactor in 2000. At that point, they each had 15 years of experience in developing commercial concepts, proprietary brands and design, and with a couple of the biggest players: Ikea and Statoil.

The experiences of the founders were identical: the path from a strategy document via decisions and through a development, design and realization process had become fragmented, was taking far too much time, cost far too much money and, worst of all, the solutions that came out of it were mediocre, did not change positions and made no difference in the daily lives of people.

Welcome to an alternative world.

Our vision

is to be the leading professional environment for concept and identity design and the first choice for ambitious Scandinavians. We will be the leading professional environment for development, design and realization of proprietary brands and concepts for shops, shopping centers, restaurants and for most places where people meet.

Our mission

is to take big ideas all the way into the real world. We assist our customers through the entire development and design process, from strategy to physical reality. We solely develop and offer services that support and reinforce this process.

Four things that cause us to believe in our future

E-commerce is not eliminating shops. Ignorance is what is doing it.
In 1975, the management of General Motors refused to look out the window of the board room and down at the thousands of small Japanese cars in the factory's employee parking lot, and Toys R’Us in 2019, which likewise had not understood that little girls would rather play with a cell phone than with Barbie. Hello! That poor retail concepts die is not the fault of e-commerce.

Physical shops ought to love e-commerce.
The total sales of goods has never been greater than it is now. More customers are first browsing on the Web and then later making the purchase in a physical shop than the other way around. This is still going on. E-commerce sites need physical shops in order to not be drowned out in the cacophony online. And guess whether they wish to increase their conversion rate from 2-3% online to 20 - 40% in a physical shop?

In the digital world, we need human contact.
For thousands of years, we have gone to market with what we harvested, hunted, fermented and woodworked. We have sold, exchanged and bought. We met people and we were seen, we developed friendships and sometimes even family ties. And not least, we are quite gregarious animals, who need physical meeting places where we encounter other people. Digitalisation can never replace this.

People need to sense, taste, smell and touch.
People are governed by their physiology and primal instincts that have not changed over thousands of years. Our experiences are to a large extent determined by what we see with our eyes and feel with our hands. The smell contributes more to your experience of the product than the taste does. All this is why people like us are needed when people take their goods to the market.